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Nov 6, 2011


We (mostly me) got walloped this year on the BBQ circuit. Times change and my recipes did not. I think using old recipes contributed the most to my poor performance; although lack of practice did not help. A few people have suggested a back-to-basics approach. I like that idea and to me that means a few things:

1) Making my own rubs using simple recipes and ingredients. Searching for the next big flavor, has not worked for me. I’ll still use store-bought sauces for now, but don’t hold me to it.
2) Fixing my own stuff. I noticed that I had a lot of fun when I did my own repairs to the Raja and other things. While this won’t improve my cooking, it will get me into a mind set that I had when I used to win. I was more self sufficient and I think this helped with my cooking, and certainly my blogging.
3) Practice, practice, practice. I need to eat, so there is no reason why I can’t BBQ on the weekends and practice my craft.
4) Cutting my own ribs. This is mostly for cost and I may still buy St. Louis cut’s for contest. One side benefit of this is that I can also work on a chili recipe for the trimmings.

Good on ya….

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Chris said...

I think you have a wise plan for redesigning and reinvigorating your bbq game.

BBQErnie said...

At a minimum I am getting a lot done around the house...

Anonymous said...

This blog should be deleted. It's useless. A bunch of CRAP.