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May 5, 2010

The Half Ass Rib Recipe

The NH State Championship is about a month away. I kicked the mice out of the smoker this weekend and started working on the rib recipe. I am going with the less is more philosophy with respect to the amount of seasoning. I also tried marinating the ribs, about 5 hours, with equal parts of Sake, pineapple juice, and Hannaford’s Teriyaki marinade.

After soaking, I rinsed them off and slathered on some honey mustard and gave them a light coat of the McCormick’s Sweet and Smokey rub. I used about half as much as I normally do. I used only apple wood this time and about 2 hours into the process, I flipped them.

Normally when I flip them, I put them in foil with raspberry jam, mustard, and apple juice. This time I used ½ sheet pans from the Walmart and used about half as much of the mixture. I also added about a stick of butter per rack. I saw people using the butter on the TV machine and thought, why not. After another 2 hours I took them out of the mixture. I put on one coat of the Sweet Baby Ray’s Chipotle sauce about ½ an hour after I took them out…and you guessed it, I used about half as much as I normally do.

They were moist and you could taste the meat. Overall, I got good reviews, but I have to be honest and say that I really liked the old ribs better. I suspect, though, that the judges might like these, since it is a “meat contest” after all…

Good on ya,

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Chris said...

That is one of the reasons I have yet to enter a contest, I don't want to start changing my recipes for the judges, which I understand is a necessary evil these days.