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Mar 15, 2010

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner…

But every restaurant I ate at the week I was in National Harbor had no problem putting Ernie in a corner. Once again, table of one, in the Washington, DC area. I was there for three nights and decided to eat at a Chinese restaurant the first night. I chose this place based on the menu and location, Duck and over looking the harbor.

Turns out, no duck and no view of the harbor, since I was in a corner. They had a mediocre hot and sour soup. They did have a curry sampler, which turned out to be pretty good, the highlight of the entire night. I need to do more with curry! The service was not that great; they brought the check and did not ask about dessert. Normally, I forgo dessert at Chinese places, so at the time it did not seem like a big deal. On the way out, however, I saw the dessert tray and was sour that I missed out.

The next night, I ate at a place that allowed you to pick from a variety of sauces. This place had duck and dessert. Sadly, while the concept was good, the food was cooked and you added the sauce after the fact, so there was not really a fusion of taste. I went with the blackberry sauce and a red pepper chutney. I had the flan for dessert. I also had a crab bisque, that was okay.

The last night, I went to a Mexican place, that had duck; man would it have been nice to blog about three different duck recipes. It was the best place of the three. I started with a creamy roasted garlic soup with crab; the best soup I ever ate. Then I had the duck, medium rare, with the black berry sauce. This was cooked through and turns out I did choose the right sauce at the other place; it just needed to be cooked with the rest of the meal. I finished with the flan again, on a bed of toasted almonds. This was one of the best meals I have eaten on travel, in a long time. While I did not have it, they prepare the guacamole at the table, provided you have at least two people…damn that table for one.

In the end, National Harbor is in the middle of nowhere, and except for the Mexican place, I would probably never go back.

Good on ya,

PS. I had strep last week and a flooded basement this week, hence the delay in blogging about this...


Anonymous said...

FYI National Harbor may be in the middle of no where but if you had a car or took the water taxi in a mere 15 minutes you would have been in DC or Old Town Alexandria. Keep your eyes peeled as this place is growing and soon will be in the middle of somewhere!

Anonymous said...

hey baby.....hows going,i miss eu!!!!!