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Feb 6, 2010

Dr. Gonzo’s Jalapeno Cheddar Grits

Well actually, they are my jalapeno cheddar grits., I just used Dr. Gonzo's jalapeno mash. Most recipes on the internets called for dicing jalapenos and it just seemed easier to use the mash than chop up a bunch of peppers. I found the grits at the Shaw’s and followed the recipe on the box with a few modifications. I used 1 cup of extra sharp cheddar and 2 table spoons of the mash. It was a little too spicy and I probably could have cooked the grit’s a little longer.

All in all, though, they were amazing and went well with the medium rare strip steak and mixed vegetables. It was extremely easy to make and I expect that I will cook this a few times a week. Their not just for breakfast any more…

Good on ya,

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Chris said...

I LOVE grits, seriously. These sound like a great way to use some coarse stone ground grits.

The PostMan said...

Sounds really heavenly tasting