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Jan 24, 2010

Sweet “Georgia Brown’s”

I went to Washington, DC last week for a conference. I love that city and when ever possible, ride the Metro to my destination. The place where I was staying was near the McPherson Metro stop. On my way to the hotel I passed Georgia Brown's, a southern style restaurant.

DC seems to shut down at night, so I asked the hotel clerk for places to eat that were still open. They provided a list which included two establishments , one of which was Georgia Brown’s, described as “Southern”. I decided that, since I was in town for two nights, I would eat at both and write about it.

Since I knew where Georgia Brown’s was, I went there first. I called to see if I needed reservations, I did not; table of one, please. It turns out the they do not have lemonade; that will be important later so remember that. I ordered ginger ale and looked at the menu and specials. After I ordered, they brought over biscuits,corn bread and hot sauce.

I decided on the mushroom, chestnut bisque and Charleston Perlau, a red rice dish. I have tried to make Charleston red rice in the past and wanted to see how the pro’s did it. My rice comes out dry, so now that I know what it should taste like, I will work on improving my recipe. It was served with duck, Andouille sauuage and shrimp. For desert they had a selection of different items to chose from; I picked the Bourbon, chocolate pecan pie.

I took pictures (using the cell phone) of everything before I started to eat, except the desert; I started in on it before I took the picture. In general, I thought the service was friendly, the flavors well paired and the portions very generous. I would eat there again. Enjoy the pictures…

Good on ya,

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Chris said...

Wow, the rice plate alone would fill me up!