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Jan 7, 2010

Roll Your Own, Pt. 1

My coworkers and I try to go out for sushi at least once a month. Our options are an all you can eat sushi and Chinese food buffet for about $15 which is mostly California rolls or a pricey a la carte place. The buffet starts out with a few pieces of tuna or salmon, but those are often gone before I get there; I usually end up eating the Chinese food instead. The a la carte place has great sushi but it costs about $50 for a decent platter.

My curiosity about how food is made and my cheap nature have led me to research making sushi. Turns out you can buy sashimi grade fish on the internets and have it delivered straight to your home; actually it will probably have to be my neighbor‘s home since the local cats will likely tear open the package before I get home. You have to eat it with in two days or freeze it for up to a week, and oh yeah, you have to order about 5 lbs. That means eating a few pounds of sushi a week for around $40/week for tuna; not completely out of the question. Here’s the link for Catalina Offshore Products, which seems to be the place most websites reference. I have some leads on local stores, so that might be less convenient opiton.

Handling the fish is pretty straight forward, it’s the rice that seems to the sticking point (sticky rice, sticking point…get it…lol). It appears to be a very involved process of preparation and cooking, and I bet it the rice is not readily available in Lunenburg. The plan is to work on the rice and then order some sashimi grade tuna and roll my own…Once I get the hang of the rice, I’ll post the recipe for the rice and pictures of my attempts…

Good on ya,

PS. Dig this song by Green Day on Rhapsody…I bet the sushi guy is thinking this as we eat the sushi with chopsticks…technically you should eat it with your hands (not the rolls, the strips of fish on rice). BTW sushi is actually the method of preparing the rice, the fish is sashimi…

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Chris said...

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Ok, I'm intrigued. I come here and see a fellow smoker making sushi (ha ha).