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Mar 21, 2009

Tax Refund

We went to H&R Block to get our taxes done. In keeping with supporting the US economy, we opted to have them done in person and locally instead of buying software. We are getting a good refund, most of which we are going to use to pay off a credit card. Rest assured, we will probably charge it back up; the refund will eventually go to stimulate the economy. It looks like we will be getting more then we owe to our credit card, which means some near terms spending.

One option is to pay for the installation of the generator. This would certainly support a local electrician who would hopefully stimulate the economy with our money. I don’t think the guy I have in mind will send the money to a foreign country. The other option is to buy kayaks. There are two companies that still make kayaks in the US and one is local to New England (Old Town Canoe in Maine). While I don’t mind spending the money on kayaks, I am concerned that we won’t get much use out of them, i.e., they will sit in the Rajah. It is too cold to go kayaking, so I have some time to mull this purchase over.
Good on ya,


Amanda :) said...

Sounds like either way you go you will be taking a nap :)

BBQErnie said...

Funny...I just woke up from one. I took today off