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Nov 6, 2008

Chim Chimeny Chim Chimcharoo

The pellet stove is awesome. Cleaning it is a little difficult, mostly because I don’t have the right tools…see where this is going…It looks like there is a vacuum cleaner made specifically for cleaning ash from stoves.

Before I rush out and buy one, I have to do a little research. The main thing is a filter that stops the ash from blowing into the room. I suspect that I could get a small shop vac, with a HEPA filter. The key will be the lowest cost possible.

On another note, I will be back on first shift in December.

Peace, out…


Waterboro said...

Try a small shop vac. I got the little 6 galon one at Lowe's. BUT, make sure they have BOTH a regular bag filter AND a drywall filter. I use BOTh and have no problems. If I do pick up any hot embers, they only burn the cheaper bag filter, NOT the more expensive drywall filter. AND ABOVE ALL, when you use it, put it outside away from buildings until you are SURE the embers are dead.

Amanda said...

We ordered our pellet stove in June and are still waiting for it. I can't wait until it gets installed! I plan on taking naps in front of it :) Glad you like yours! I also read about an attachment you can get for your central vac that has a special filter for cleaning ash from fireplaces and stoves..I think it was around $100.00.

Amanda said...

Okay so I checked it out and it is more than $100.00 ($169.99 but I round down :)

Check out:

If you don't have a central vac then disregard :)

BBQErnie said...

Sorry for not responding sooner. I bought a shop vac and use it after the stove cools down.

We run the stove all night (sleep by it on an air mattress), load it up before we leave for work and let it run. When we get home it is shut off and cooled down (so it the house).

I clean it out and start the cycle all over again.

Thanks for all the suggestions, BTW!